Crime Scene Cleaners 

Our Crime Scene Cleaners specialise in the meticulous removal, cleaning, and decontamination of sites marred by unfortunate incidents. We ensure that all hazardous waste is properly handled and disposed of, reinstating the scene to a safe environment. 

Needle Sweep & Sharps Disposal 

Used needles and sharps present significant health risks. Our specialised team performs thorough Needle Sweeps, ensuring the safe removal and proper disposal of sharps waste, reinstating the area's safety. 

Probate Clearance and Cleaning 

After a bereavement, dealing with property can be overwhelming. Our Probate Clearance and Cleaning service provides sensitive and comprehensive solutions, handling moving, cleaning, and clearing tasks with the utmost care and respect. 

Hoarder Cleaning 

Homes overwhelmed by hoarding can pose significant health risks. Our Hoarder Cleaning service offers meticulous hygiene cleans, tackling the challenges of waste removal and restoring homes to a liveable and safe condition. 

Problem Tenant & Squatter Cleaning 

Restoring properties after being occupied by problematic tenants or squatters is a challenge we are equipped to handle. Our team will restore properties to a habitable condition, ensuring all waste is efficiently removed and the space is rejuvenated. 

Trauma & Undiscovered Death Cleaning 

Blood and bodily fluids can present significant health risks. Our Trauma Cleaning team provides specialised hygiene cleaning services for trauma and undiscovered deaths ensuring the elimination of potential biohazards and restoring the space to its original state. 

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning 

At Quick Response, we understand that carpets and upholstery require different solutions to address a variety of cleaning challenges. We utilise state-of-the-art carpet and upholstery cleaning machines, each equipped with a range of solutions to tackle different issues effectively. 

Need help with something not mentioned above? 

No problem! Just call our team to discuss what you need. 
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